A weekend at... Handmade Canberra

December 7th-9th 2018
For about 7 years now we've been making the road trip along the coast and up over the mountains to Canberra to be a part of the amazing event that is Handmade Canberra; but our first presenting our new brand, 'Matta Clothing' to Canberians.
Absolutely!  We felt all of those emotions and many more.  Putting ourselves, our concept, our designs and all our hard work and creative energies out there into the universe.
Would our previous Canberra customers and followers like our new brand?
Well they didn't just like it, they LOVED it!  We had an amazing weekend full of extremely positive feedback, and welcomed many new faces into the Matta Community.
See you again in March 2019 Canberians!  
Lets do it all again and we'll be sure to bring our new Autumn 2019 designs with us.