Christina Lowry Photography Collaboration

When we created MATTA, we never imagined we would have the chance to work and collaborate with so many incredible businesses from all corners of Australia - but here we are, and we feel so fortunate.

One of these opportunities was with the incredibly talented Christina Lowry, a photographer based in Rochedale South, Queensland. Leisa (co-founder and one-half of the MATTA sister duo) began chatting to Christina over socials a few years ago and - pardon the pun - but they really connected. 

Photo of Christina Lowry sitting in front of a cabinet in her kitchen

When Christina approached us to collaborate on a photo shoot featuring some of our MATTA pieces, we couldn’t say yes quickly enough! We have always admired her work, her socials and her 'vibe' and always wished she lived closer so we could work together more often, but this has been the next best thing.

The collaboration resulted in a stunning collection of photos we can now use to continue to share MATTA with the world - and when we say ‘stunning’, it’s quite the understatement.

These photos are beautiful and they do all the talking themselves.

Christina Lowry + MATTA Clothing mood board


Christina Lowry + MATTA Clothing mood board


Christina Lowry + MATTA Clothing mood board

You can discover more of Christina’s work by following her on Instagram at @christinalowryphotography.

Also featured in this shoot, taken for @beyondtheclassroom, is: 

Model: @mummagypsy

Location: @mybespokecabin

Clothing: @mattaclothing

Scarves: @handwovenbybelle

Toys: @growing.kind

Cup: @tinyclaycompany

Jewellery: @pipkeanedesign

It’s wonderful to see all these amazing Australian brands come together and result in images that represent us all so beautifully.

Thank you Christina and everyone else involved. We we hope to meet in person one day soon!