Linen: Why Weight Matters….


Linen is a natural fibre, made from the fibre of the flax plant, and is one of the strongest natural fibres, which is why it creates such beautiful quality and durable garments.  For more about the qualities of linen and its benefits, you can read more here:

We’re now into our third range of clothing here at MATTA, and we’ve noticed more and more customers reaching out to us and asking about the weight of specific fabrics before they purchase online; such as “I’ve got the Traveller Tunic in oyster, is the oatmeal fabric the same weight or lighter?”  Given many of our loyal customers are scattered across the country, and don’t have the opportunity to see and touch the fabric/garments before purchasing, this is a very good question.

Here at MATTA HQ we’ve decided to do something a little unconventional; we’ve started listing in each of our products on our website, the specific weight of each fabric we’ve used.  The metric used for fabric is GSM.

MATTA Clothing fabric swatches

GSM is a metric measurement meaning ‘grams per square metre’ of fabric, or how much 1 square metre of fabric weighs.  The higher the GSM, the denser or heavier the weight of the fabrics is.

While a single number of GSM doesn’t necessarily mean anything to you as a customer, it does if you are a returning customer.  It gives you a yardstick to compare the weight of other fabrics to, compared to a garment that you have already purchased.  This will allow you as a return customer to make a more informed decision about which colour way, fabric or garment is best suited to you and your needs.

It’s important to note though, that the weight of a fabric does not always determine the quality of the fabric, or how dense/loose the weave is.

5 Facts About Linen:

  1. The heavier a fabric is, the more durable it will be to wear and washing
  1. The lighter a fabric is, the more appropriate it is for hotter temperatures 
  1. Lighter weight linens usually offer better drape
  1. Medium weight linens have more body to them than lighter weight linens, but still drape/flow well
  1. The addition of cotton in a linen/cotton blend tends to soften the linen but keeps the fullness in the fabric. The addition of cotton also dramatically reduces the wrinkling of the fabric, while keeping the crispness of the look of the fabric

Linen Weight & Price

Is there a correlation between the GSM of a fabric and its price? 

The answer is ‘yes’.  The simple reason is that more raw materials, and often better quality raw materials, are used in the weaving of fabrics that are higher in weight.  This generally results in the fabrics being higher in price as well. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on whether the addition of this information to our website is useful to you.


Matta Co-founder