Recipes Shared Across Generations…


Ever since I can remember I’ve looked forward to the end of tomato season; that time of the year when mum cooks up batches of her famous tomato relish.  Every year, for many years, she’s threatened to not share some with us, her 2 daughters, but each year she’s caved in and shared.  This year I happened to have an abundance of home grown tomatoes, supplying the extended family and friends and then some. 

So finally at the age of 47, I cooked up a batch of Mum’s famous tomato relish (with her peering over my shoulder the whole time), and boy was it worth the effort!  Yes it’s a little fiddly, a little messy, and a little time consuming, but honestly, you just can’t buy something like this off the supermarket shelf.  Thanks Mum.

Margs Tomato Relish


2.7kg Tomatoes

900g onions

900g sugar

2 Tbsp Curry Powder

2 Tbsp Mustard Powder

2 Handfuls Salt

½ Tspn Cayenne Pepper

2 ½ cups Vinegar

Peel and cut up tomatoes.  Place in dish and sprinkle with one handful of salt.  Let stand overnight, then drain off liquid.  Cook tomatoes and onions, add sugar and vinegar and bring to the boil for 5 mins.  Mix curry and mustard powder with a few drops of vinegar.  Add to the tomato mixture and boil for approx. one hour or until thickens.  Constant stirring will be required, particularly at the end.


Check out what Leisa wears when cooking her relish!