What does MATTA mean?

What does Matta mean?

The word Matta was inspired from the word Schmatte, which is Yiddish for 'rag trade'. 

It's not that long ago in the mid 20th century that Flinders Lane in Melbourne was the home of a thriving rag trade (Schmatte), which was largely developed by Jewish immigrant families fleeing the ravages of war. Though it was only a thronging centre for manufacturing for a few short decades, this period is strongly etched in the Lane's and Melbourne's history.

Interested to know more?

This period in history is covered in the book “Schmattes: Stories of Fabulour Frocks, Funky Fashion and Flinders Lane by Lesley Sharon Rosenthal, which evokes the social mood of the times. Spanning four generations, it reveals human stories, the dreams and desires which drove some of Australia's early fashion entrepreneurs to create and achieve.