Working from home

Our world is looking, feeling and behaving a little differently at the moment, which has thrown us all a little off balance. As we now begin to fall into our new routines and roles, and start to really embrace these times, we must ask ourselves what are the simple things that make us happy; that motivate us; that aid our productivity?

Nicole working with Bob the Dog at her laptop

For some of us, it’ll be that moment of quiet before the day begins, or that mid-morning coffee to perk us up and for others it’ll be the clothes they wear. It might appear trivial that clothes have the ability to alter our moods, but they do hold power within their fibres.

Whilst the desire to reach for our cosy tracksuit pants, warm slippers and woollen jumpers each morning might be at an all-time high, our work ethic and productivity levels might just slip in the other direction. So, I encourage you to look beyond those comforting pieces and chose the ones that make you shine. The pieces that make you smile when you catch a glimpse in the mirror; the pieces that move with you; and the pieces that keep you warm whilst allowing your skin to breathe.

You might not notice the affects immediately, but I’m sure after a little while you will. You will spend your nights dreaming of tomorrow’s look and experience the lift each morning when you feel the light merino on your skin or the linen drape over your shoulders.

It is important to note, that just because our world is behaving differently it doesn’t mean you have to. Reach for the things that make you feel great, it might be more than the clothes you wear but, I’m sure it’ll help you on your way.

Leisa preparing MATTA samples cards to send out to customers