Anna Hawkins




What is your name?

Anna Hawkins

How old are you?

41 and a half!

Tell us a bit about you and what's happening in your world right now? 

I am a mum, a business partner and therefore a perpetual multi-tasker. My husband Neil and I own The Wine Farm in Koonwarra where we live, grow grapes, make wine and raise our three small children – Cole, Eddie and Beatrix. With our oldest having only just hit school age and our business yet to turn 5, this stage of life is all about nurturing; pouring all of our energy and love into little people and plants to help them thrive. Food is a big part of my life and I spend a lot of my time growing, sourcing and preparing wholesome food to nourish my family. We farm our property biodynamically and the more we learn about this way of farming – the hard way but the way we believe is right for our product, our customers and the planet – the more passionate we are about supporting other local businesses who are mindful about how they operate too, doing things the best way they can, shunning the shortcuts. Living in South Gippsland makes that easy because we are blessed with a community full of great people doing great things.

What do you love about MATTA Clothing? 

I love the thought and care that goes into every piece of the MATTA collection. From designs that work because they’ve evolved from paying close attention to what women want – comfortable, flattering and stylish in equal parts; to the sourcing of beautiful, well made linens and materials; and the making of every piece locally and by hand. For all these reasons I love how I feel when I wear MATTA, inside and out.

How do you wear MATTA? 

How don’t I wear MATTA?! These clothes can literally go anywhere! I’ve teamed my gorgeous black and white check meadow dress with dangly earrings and snazzy heels and taken it to the opera, then the next morning thrown it back on with leggings, trainers and a cardy to take the kids to the park. Each piece is beautiful as a statement on its own but also easy to layer to create your own vibe.  

What’s your favourite thing to do in the world? What fills you with contentment?

There are lots of things that fill my cup. Being elbow deep in my veggie garden, pre-dinner dance parties with my little peeps, sitting at my kitchen table with a cup of tea and a pile of cookbooks or plunging a tank of grapes with my bare feet. But the ultimate food for my soul is being in nature with my tribe – Neil, the kids and Squid our much loved mini Schnauzer – exploring rockpools on a lazy summer’s day or a bracing winter’s walk/bike/trike ride along the leafy local rail trail, listening to the birds and keeping our eyes peeled for koalas (and fairies). Sitting at my laptop on an Autumn afternoon writing about all those things feels pretty good too.  












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