Lauren Russo




What is your name?

Lauren Russo

How old are you?


Tell us a bit about you and what's happening in your world right now? 

I am a mother to 3 beautiful, spirited children Alfie 5, Coco 3 and Remy 18months, and wife to my amazing husband Nick. We live in the rugged coastal town of Kilcunda where sharing a chai latte and a baby chino is a regular occurrence at our local Kilcunda General Store.
With 3 little ones, life in our household is pretty active so I have stepped away from my usual job as a singing teacher to be at home with our children. Usual mum taxi duties to kinder, play dates and kids yoga is a big part of my repertoire, but between breaths I have found myself dreaming up a little creative project of late so I have just started a little business called Poet Peet Clementine.
I make, curate and create items with organic, repurposed and eco friendly principles.
I am also part of the team at Small Change Big Change inc where my role has been organising and coordinating events and fundraising. 
After hearing a touching story from Maria Reed, we join forces to start up SCBCinc to help those in our community who are in need of support. We are less than a year into the journey but the kindness and generosity of our community has been truly amazing.

What do you love about MATTA Clothing? 

My favourite thing about MATTA clothing is that it’s so versatile and effortless. You just throw it on and with the change of a heel, boot or sandal, you can wear it anytime/anywhere and that changes the look dramatically. Being a mum, the ease and flexibility of this is priceless. I don’t have much time to get ready, and I always find with the Matta wardrobe it has its own accent and speaks for itself so it’s all you need to feel great without making a huge effort. I also love the comfort factor!!

How do you wear MATTA? 

My MATTA look is very simple.. I don’t mess with the lines as the art is already there.
My go to’s are their overalls with a slide shoe and contrasting singlet/tee/long sleeve shirt 
The meadow dress with a wedge or to dress it up a black heel.

What’s your favourite thing to do in the world? What fills you with contentment?

Nick and I have been what we thought was responsible throughout our time together, and were never great at taking holidays.... this all changed last year after a family road trip up the east coast. We loved the adventure, exploring new places but most importantly, giving time to our family unit. Spending time together with just the 5 of us was just delectable. Nick and I naturally are always on the go so the slow pace of a holiday is really positive as it reinforces what really matters in the world. Creating happy memories together and being carefree.
So I would say my new favourite thing in the world is having little adventures with my family. I personally find escapes inspiring, when you’re out of your traditional place you tend to find a different way to do something or a little lesson here or there that you can adopt into your everyday life.













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