Nicole Griffiths


What is your name?


How old are you? (only if you’d like to divulge)

Tell us a bit about you (eg. your life, your family, home, career, travel) 
I’m lucky enough to live in the rural seaside town of Inverloch with my family; a place where you know your neighbours’ names and has a great sense of community.  A place where my son Cooper can walk to the school bus, and my partner and I can both walk to work on a nice day. 

My sister and I run a small business together which involves a couple of retail stores, and selling at markets and online, but spend most of our time working from our studio/office, so luckily we’re close and enjoy spending time together.  In fact, when my sister isn’t around I feel like a piece of me is missing.  Given that family is so important to me, I feel fortunate that my parents also live close by.  Cooper is an only child, so I feel that it’s even more important for him to be able to spend time with his aunt and grandparents.

I love a good project, and I’m not good at ‘doing nothing’, so there’s always something on the go with us.  Right now, we’re about to start building a new house…..another one!  You know, the passive solar design type house that faces north, is full of light and energy efficient. 

I have had many different jobs in my life.  From working at a swimming pool, working behind a bar in a rural pub, working in retail and teaching young adults with special needs.  I love that each of these jobs has bought me a different perspective on life and given me a new skill set.  No matter what the job was, they have each taught me something that is still important to me today, and they have all helped to shape me into who I am today.

What do you love about MATTA Clothing?
I love just how easy MATTA clothing is to wear!  I don’t feel restricted by it.  Its comfortable.  It’s easy.  They’re not pieces of clothing that when you walk in the door from work, you can’t wait to take them off.  The beautiful linens that breathe and move with your body……what’s not to love?

Each piece has been beautifully sewn.  No short cuts have been taken in the construction of the garment.  Each seam has been thought about and how the finish effects the look of the garment when worn and the longevity of the garment.  Smaller stitch lengths will ensure that the seams won’t be pulling apart after a few washes like cheaper made garments.

How do you wear MATTA?  (eg. Do you like to layer, create different looks with different pieces, wear each piece on it’s own)
This is like asking me what I ate for breakfast!  It changes daily.  I have been lucky enough to be able to wear the very first samples that were made, so I have been wearing them for a few months now.  I love to layer up pieces on colder days.  The meadow dress I have been wearing with a pair of cashmere tights, ankle boots and merino long sleeve tops on the colder days.  Now that the sun is showing again, I have been wear a white tee under the dress with a pair of canvas lace up shoes.

That’s what I love about it.  You can create a different look or style with the garments to match your mood, depending on what you pair them up with and how you wear them.  You can glam them up or grunge them down.

What’s your favourite thing to do in the world? What fills you with contentment?
Eating, cooking, and sitting with the sun on my face. Ok, eating if I have to pick just one.  After listening to the amazing Cyndi O’Meara talk a few years ago now, I have loved the journey I have been on since; learning about food and cooking and eating in a more nurturing and healing way for my body.  




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