Our Story

MATTA Clothing.
Where comfort and quality reside.
Where ethical and sustainable fashion is the focus.
Where community means long lunches and honest conversation.
Where contentment is the essence of who you are.

Timeless and stylish, MATTA is about slowing down; taking a step back from a hectic schedule and living in the moment. Bringing together simplicity and thoughtfulness, MATTA is designed for the woman who is happy to just be. 
Wearing MATTA invokes the quiet and mindful bliss of receiving a thank you note written by hand, a compliment from someone you haven’t met, a warm and gentle smile that emanates from the eyes.

Made by loving hands from naturally soft fibres, MATTA is designed to flow and complement your form, feel beautiful on your skin and let your body breathe. Inspired by the simplicity of nature, our subtle palette blends earthy tones with muted colours. Thoughtfully created for longevity, each MATTA garment is akin to your dearest friend, instilling a sense of ease, certainty and fulfilment.

MATTA garments are created with you in mind.  A reflection of your beauty, MATTA is a lifestyle choice. Wear it loosely for comfort, layer it to suit your season or style it to match your mood. MATTA is versatile, easy and effortless.  Our small production runs means that sometimes only 3-4 garments per size are made available.

Designed in the coastal town of Inverloch and handmade in Melbourne.

Simply, honestly, thoughtfully. Immerse yourself in the MATTA way of life.  
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